*SCROLL DOWN TO THE LINKS BENEATH THE TEXT BELOW To Find Crucial Food Related Services For Helping The Hungry In Need Throughout America.

          Listed below this text are our favorite links to help the hungry find food assistance in their local areas and related services helping those in need.  Use this website as a resource to find these essential services for the hungry throughout America, listed altogether below as related links in one easy to find place online. 
          There are four ways anyone can help save a life.  You could help others find resources here, spread the word about this website, join our cause, or donate.
          If you're looking for help and one link doesn't match your search criteria try another one.  For example, if you cannot find the city you are looking for listed under the first link to find food assistance in your area, try the second link beneath it to see if you can find the city listed there.  Chances are better you will.  But, if that doesn't work try to find your nearest neighboring city listed under one of the two links. 
         We recommend that you always have a pen and paper handy to take notes if you're hungry in America and looking for help at this website.  Once you've found a few food pantries or soup kitchens nearby you below, be sure to write down their address(es) and phone number(s).  Then be sure to call them first to find out their hours of operation and policies on distributing food.  Finally, input their address(es) at link number 6 below to get walking or driving directions there.  Please remember to always read the notes below the titles of each link below for instructions on how to use that link.
          Make sure you use the library locator at link number 5 below to find libraries in your area if you need to find a place to regularly use the internet for free and take full advantage of the life saving resources listed below.  Then, once you have the addresses where you will be going to and coming from, remember to get walking or driving directions to the places you need to go by using link number 6 below.   If you have any other suggestions about other sites to include, please do contact us. 

Related Links

Link #1:   Click HERE To Find Food Pantries Nearest You Throughout America.

(Choose Your U.S. State & City)

Link #2:   Click HERE To Find More Meals Nearest You Throughout America.

(Click On The 'Soup Kitchens' Link / Choose Your U.S. State & City / Find A Soup Kitchen, Food Bank or Food Pantry Near You)

Link #3:   Click HERE To Apply For Food Stamps.

(Choose Your U.S. State From The Map)

Link #4:   Click HERE To Find 99 Great Organizations Confronting Poverty & Hunger.

(A Great Resource)

Link #5:   Click HERE To Find A U.S. Public Library Nearest You..

(Choose your state and find your city to locate a library near you anywhere in America with free internet so you can regularly sign on to this website and find hunger related services.)

Link #6:   Click HERE To Get Walking Or Driving Directions To Any Location.

(Now that you've found a food pantry, soup kitchen or public library with free internet access in your area for example, make sure to record their address(es).  Then once you've clicked on this link, click on Get Directions.  Then click on the car or walking person icon above where it says "Where are you starting?" and "Where are you going?" to choose driving or walking directions.  Finally enter the nearest address from where you are starting in the "Where are you starting?" section and the address where you are going in the "Where are you going?" section.  Click Get Directions one last time.  Start writing them down and be on your way.)

Link #7:   Click HERE To Find Help For The Physically & Mentally Disabled.

(See If You Qualify For Social Security Disability Income / Call 1-800-772-1213 To Apply By Phone / Hearing Impaired Call "TTY" Number At 1-800-325-0778 To Apply For SSDI By Phone Monday through Friday 7am - 7pm)

Link #8:   Click HERE To  Learn About Hunger In The U.S.

Link #9:   Click HERE To  Learn About Poverty In The U.S.