*SCROLL DOWN TO THE LINKS BENEATH THE TEXT BELOW To Find Crucial Shelter Related Services For Helping The  Homeless & Others In Need Throughout America.

         Listed below this text are our favorite links to help (mostly) the homeless and other low income people in need find essential shelter related services in their areas to better survive.  Use this website as a resource to find these services throughout America, listed altogether below as related links, in one easy to find website online. 
                 If you're looking for homeless assistance such as homeless shelters and our first link doesn't match your search criteria, try the second one.  For example, if you cannot find the city you are looking for listed under the first link to find homeless shelters in your area, try the link beneath it to see if you can find the city listed there.  Chances are better you will.  But, if that doesn't work, find your nearest neighboring city listed under one of the two links. 
         We also strongly recommend that you look into getting a free Lifeline cell phone with service if you're homeless or low income and don't already have one, for many reasons listed below including so you can easily sign on to use this website to regularly find help here.  If you're homeless and need a place/address to mail your free LifeLine cell phone, call your local homeless shelter (where you can find through 1 of the first 3 links below) and ask them if you can have your phone mailed there.  Oftentimes they will let you.  See link number 10 below or simply Click HERE  to apply to get your free Lifeline cell phone today. We also recommend that you always make written notes to take with you if you're homeless in America and getting help at this website.  Once you've found a few homeless shelters below that are nearby you and meet your needs, be sure to write down their address(es) and phone number(s).  Then, be sure to call them to find out their availability.  Finally, input their address(es) at link number 12 below to get walking or driving directions there.  Please remember to always read the notes below the titles of each link below for instructions on how to use that link. 
        Make sure you use the library locator at link number 21 below to find libraries in your area so you can regularly use the internet for free and take full advantage of the life saving resources listed below.  Then, once you have the addresses where you will be going to and coming from, remember to write down the walking or driving directions to the places you need to go by using link number 12 again.   If you have any other suggestions about other sites to include, please do contact us. 

Related Links

Find Homeless Shelters (Links 1-3):

Link #1:  Click HERE to find homeless shelters nearest you. 

(Choose Your U.S. State & City)

Link #2:  Click HERE to find more homeless shelters nearest you. 

(Choose Your U.S. State & City)

Link #3:  Click HERE to find transitional housing, family shelters, domestic violence shelters, women shelters and emergency shelters nearest you. 

(Find The Type Of Shelter You Need, Then Choose Your U.S. State & City)

Link #4:  Click HERE To Learn These 11 (All Important) Top Survival Tips If You're On The Streets And Homeless.

(A Must Read If You're On The Streets And Homeless As These 11 Survival Tips Just Might Save Your Life)

Link #5:  Click HERE to learn how to find free transportation if you're low income and/or homeless.

(Find organizations, like St. Vincent De Paul at link #22, that can help you with free bus passes, etc..  Then, if necessary, google a transportation  provider's name found through this link that helps the low income and/or homeless (like Traveler's Aid International) with the city nearest to you to contact them to find free transportation help.)








Link #6:  Click HERE to find a national directory of Licensed Clinical Social Workers nearest you.

(Input Your State & Find Your City To Find A Social Worker Nearest You.)

Link #7:  Click HERE To Get A FREE LIFE COACH To Help You On Your Way Out Of Homelessness &/Or Poverty.

(Let A Trained Professional Help Coach You On Your Way To A New Life FREE OF CHARGEUp to 6 weeks of free life coaching (a $600 value or more) is available to those who cannot afford it.)

Link #8:  Click HERE to know these 11 Steps to getting Section 8 housing.

(Begin The Application Process By Clicking The 'here' Link at "Find a list of PHAs here" Under Part 1, Step 5 - Apply for Vouchers.  Then Choose Your State & Find Your City.)

Link #9:  Click HERE to Find Affordable Housing Options.

(Income based housing available:  For rent - in many states / For sale - in some states)

Link #10:  Click HERE to Get A Free Lifeline Cell Phone Today.

(For Qualifying Low Income Participants / Phone Call Enabled With 911 & Internet AccessAre You Homeless?  *Ask Your Nearest Shelter If You Can Have The Phone Mailed There Oftentimes They Will Let You.






Link #11:  Click HERE to find Resources for Homeless College Students.

(Click and find many valuable resources and info. to help homeless college students.)






Link #12:  Click HERE to get walking or driving directions to any location.

(Now that you've found a homeless shelter or a public library with free internet access in your area for example, make sure to record their address(es).  Then once you've clicked on this link, click on Get Directions.  Then click on the car or walking person icon above where it says "Where are you starting?" and "Where are you going?" to choose driving or walking directions.  Finally, enter the nearest address from where you are starting in the "Where are you starting?" section and the address where you are going in the "Where are you going?" section.  Click Get Directions one last time.  Start writing them down and be on your way.)


Help for Homeless Kids




Link #13:  Click HERE to find great help if you're a homeless youth in America.

(Once you Click HERE above, click on 'Get Help' in the top right corner of the page if you're in in the full website version, or find 'Get Help' in the top right menu bar if you're in the mobile website.)








Link #14:  Click HERE to find more help if you're a homeless youth in America.  *NOTE:  If this link is not working properly, try signing on to www.standupforkids.org in a new window.

(Click on 'Get Help' in the top right corner of the page once you Click HERE above.)









Help for Low Income Seniors




Link #15:  Click HERE to find affordable housing for the elderly.

(Read the article and click the links within to find valuable resources.)








Link #16:  Click HERE to find more affordable housing options for the elderly.

(Read the article and click the links within to find valuable resources.)









Help for Homeless Veterans




Link #17:  Click HERE to find housing assistance for homeless veterans. 

(Info. for homeless veterans on housing, medical needs, jobs and education, etc..)








Link #18:  Click HERE to find Mental Health Guidance for homeless veterans. 

(Find health in mind.)








Link #19:  Click HERE to find more important info. to help homeless veterans. 

(Info. From The U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs)









Link #20:  Click HERE to get your laundry cleaned for free (for low or no income only) throughout the country.

(Under Locations in the menu bar at the top right, input your city and find your state.)








Link #21:  Click HERE to find a U.S. public library nearest you.

(Choose State Public Libraries under More Libraries.  Then, choose State Public Libraries again in the blue box to find your state and a library in your (nearest) American city so you can find free internet to regularly sign on to this website and find shelter related services, etc.)

Link #22:  Click HERE to find a coffee shop nearest you.  *NOTE:  This link might not be working properly in the mobile website.

(Find coffee shops nearby you wherever you may be if you're homeless so you can take a break, find temporary shelter, or possibly charge your cell phone/device and find free internet for the small cost of a coffee, often times with free refills.)



Link #23:  Click HERE to find a public restroom nearest you.

(Download the 'Sit or Squat" free app here and onto your mobile device so you can find a public restroom nearby quickly, in case you can't find available shelter.)






Link #24:  Click HERE to find a public phone nearest you.

(Click On Your State From The Map & Then Find Your City To Locate A Public Phone Near You.)




Link #25:   Click HERE to find your nearest Society of St. Vincent De Paul location.

(Scroll down on the page to find your region's website.  Find housing assistance, utility bills assistance and much more.)








Link #26:  Click HERE to get free legal aid.

(Click on where it says 'Find help near you now.'  Then, click on your state and select your legal issue to find free legal help throughout America.)







Link #27:  Click HERE to get mental health services here.

(Enter your city, state or zip code to Find An Affiliate near you / Get help to find your way out)







Link #28:  Click HERE to find health care for the homeless here.

(Choose your state and find your nearest city to locate healthcare providers that help the homeless.)


Link #29:  Click HERE to find work.  Find a job here.

(Run unlimited free searches at a top employment website to find jobs in most any industry in your area.)









Link #30:  Click HERE to find a survival guide to homelessness.

(Some Very Helpful Tips On How To Keep A Job While Homeless)








Link #31:  Click HERE to find help for the physically & mentally disabled.

(See If You Qualify For Social Security Disability Income / Call 1-800-772-1213 To Apply By Phone / Hearing Impaired Call "TTY" Number At 1-800-325-0778 To Apply For SSDI By Phone Monday through Friday 7am - 7pm)






Link #32:  Click HERE to find more great info. on transitioning from homelessness into the working world.

(8 Steps To Starting and Keeping Work / Real Stories From Real People Who Went From Homeless to Having Normal, Productive Lives and How They Did It)








Link #33:  Click HERE to learn about homelessness in America.

(Causes Of Homelessness, Historical Background, Personal Factors, Etc.)