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                          We are a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) named Reach Out A Hand USA.  What we do is to show those in need across America (conveniently here through this website) where they can find the 4 human needs of life (food, shelter, clothing and drinking water) for free or affordably in their local areas.  This way people in need don't have to run crazy online searches going from one website to another to find the help they need, as life can be hard enough as it is.  In fact, we have already done that research for them (lessening the burden) by having found different providers of these services throughout the country and listing them here at this one all inclusive website.  By doing this, we hope to make life for those in need much easier to navigate and a whole lot less complicated.

            Brian F. Powers, PGA is a golf pro in Southern California and the President and Co-founder of Reach Out A Hand USA.  Brian has a big heart for those in need and always has.  He's done a whole lot for so many people before and is known to be a very smart guy, a great athlete and quite an awesome friend.  People just generally like him a lot.  Click HERE to get to know him even better. Here is an important quote by Brian that he'd also like to share:  "The really good people of this world were the ones who gave big of their heart, mind or resources to the poor for God (and with trust in God), expecting absolutely nothing at all in return, with no ulterior motives ever either."   Creative writing is one of Brian's favorite hobbies, as he has written over 550 quotes in his book of quotes.  Read some more of his quotes below.

*Some More Quotes From Brian F. Powers, PGA

•”Remember this the next time you’re treated unfairly by people.  God is perfect and always fair, especially when people are not.  So, don’t trust people.  Trust your father in heaven.  It’s the swing!”

•”Rescue a man with your hands and save him from a death for a day.  Rescue a man by sharing wise knowledge and save him from a death for a lifetime.”

•”Sometimes you have to lose it all to realize that God gave you everything.”

•”We all don’t have to be alike or have the same beliefs in order to find world peace.  We all just have to do our best to not be evil and respect others views of the world by working together and learning how to agree to disagree.”

•"Contrary to much popular belief, teaching golf is not just a fun job. In fact, it's a job most people just cannot do effectively."

•”When times do change, may you also change with the times.  After all, oftentimes it’s survival.”

•”Marriage is still the most widely abused sacrament in America."

•”The best friend you could ever have in this world is actually yourself because there’s no one you’re with more.”

•”The more you give up on the bad things in life, a lot of times the more you receive the good things in life.”

•”The truth is that there’s no one on this Earth of age who has never told a lie and the ones who claim they never have were of the biggest liars.  So, don’t be fooled.  Even a white lie is a lie.”

•"Hypocrisy is not just a religious issue.  It's a widespread societal problem whereby people just don't think enough about their actions."

•”Stand up when you see a complete hypocrite everywhere (as there are many of them) pointing fingers and accusing anyone for a wrong doing (as nobody’s always right), especially for a wrong that they regularly commit themselves.”

•”Many authority figures would tell you to plan your whole life (with so much structure) until you’re very old.  I would tell you that life is short and you truly never know when your time is up.  So, follow your heart with faith in God always and if that means not having a clear plan for the foreseeable future, then so be it!”

•”I think it’s probably safe to say that if you leave this planet better than when you found it, you might just have a good chance to make it to heaven.”

•”Class is found only in the soul, never in any bank account.”

•”Life is way too short to not take some real chances."

•”Usually you know you have a great idea when the rest of the world calls you crazy."

•”Thinking very differently is not supported by most of society, just the educated."

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