Brian F. Powers, PGA is a Master Golf Teaching Professional® and a PGA Class A Member in Southern California, who has always had a big heart for those in need.  He's done a whole lot for so many people before and is known to be a very smart guy (with a 120 IQ), a great athlete (with a lot of athletic accomplishments) and quite an awesome friend (who is loved by many).  People just generally like him a lot!  He didn't start playing golf until he was age 19 in college (unlike very many other golf pros who started at quite a young age), graduating from UCSB with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics (arguably their hardest major then).  But, before that he was one of the best high school athletes in Southern California in the early 90s, as he was a standout football and baseball player (and 2 year lead varsity captain of both teams) winning many awards and honors throughout the San Fernando Valley and beyond.  He would pursue baseball (with a great swing) into college, but unfortunately would break his throwing shoulder one evening (too severley to be fixed by a doctor then) in a very brave attempt to save a friend's life from a felony mayhem attack during a camping incident at San Onofre State Beach in 1994.  So, now he is still quite a fan of both sports.  He is also an active member of the Sierra Club, as he also believes in the importance of protecting the great outdoors.  Both him and his father (the other cofounder) are very highly regarded.  Click HERE to get to know Brian and his sports background even better.  Here is an important quote by Brian that he'd also like to share:  "The really good people of this world were the ones who gave big of their heart, mind or resources to the poor for God (and with trust in God), expecting absolutely nothing at all in return, with no ulterior motives ever either."   Creative writing is one of Brian's favorite hobbies, as he has written over 550 quotes in his book of quotes.  Click HERE  to read some more of his quotes.

About Us

                    We are a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) named Reach Out A Hand USA. What we do is to show those in need across America (conveniently here through this website) where they can find the 4 human needs of life (food, shelter, clothing and drinking water) for free or affordably in their local areas.  This way people in need don't have to run crazy online searches going from one website to another to find the help they need, as life can be hard enough as it is.  In fact, we have already done that hard research for them (lessening the burden) by having found different providers of these services throughout the country and listing them here at this one all inclusive website.  By doing this, we hope to make life for those in need much easier to navigate and a whole lot less complicated.  There were initially two websites, a food assistance site (at and a shelter assistance site (at started by Brian F. Powers, PGA in 2012.  In 2013 Brian would get his nonprofit 501(c)(3) status under the name Reach Out A Hand USA (as he is the President and Co-founder) and a few years later would secure a large Google advertising grant in March of 2017, which has worked wonders to help reach so many of America‚Äôs needy. He would transform the two websites into one (at in September of 2017 and add clothing and drinking water assistance to complete the 4 needs of life.  The two former websites still do point to the current one though at, which mostly helps the homeless. Since securing the Google grant (back in March of 2017), the websites have averaged about 4,000 visits per month and helped very many thousands of people in need across America.